80 Famous People

The Asahi Shimbun (Asahi newspaper) publishes a variety of books, magazines and magazine-books (called “mooks”) for different audiences. They have an educational line for children, and a 2012 addition to this line was 50 Famous People, a mook-a-week series. I had no interest in half of the people included (Shakespeare, Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth), but the other half were explorers, inventors and Japanese writers that I did want to read about. In January, 2013, Asahi started up a 30-issue sequel series, which ended in August. This page is an index to the 50 Famous People + 30 Famous People mooks that I’ve reviewed.

Series 1 Index
da Vinci
Kenji Miyazawa
Marco Polo
Osamu Tezuka
Kounosuke Matsushita
Steve Jobs
Edogawa Ranpo
Souichirou Honda
Naomi Uemura
Marie Curie
Ando Momofuku
Eiji Tsuburaya
Jean-Henri Fabre
Alfred Nobel
Yuri Gagarin

Series 2 Index
Albert Schweitzer
Louis Pasteur
Roald Amundsen
Heinrich Schliemann
Kiyoshi Yamashita
Isaac Newton
Vincent van Gogh
Katsushika Hokusai
Howard Carter
Hideo Noguchi
Neil Armstrong

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