The World of Sound of Terahiko Terada

Terahiko Terada (11/28/1878 – 12/21/1935) is a well-known (in Japan) physicist who is most famous for the essays he wrote on a variety of subjects. He studied under Natsume Soseki in high school, and was a professor at the Tokyo Imperial University. As shown in the story below, he’s also featured on Japanese postage stamps. Gakken included a 10-page manga based on one of his essays within the mook for their “With KIDS” sound wave visualization kit. Because I’m building up my Gakken blog with information on Japanese scientists, I decided that I might as well translate this manga when I got the chance. (The word balloons are kind of small and there’s a lot of text even in Japanese, so at the current image size it may be hard to read. I’m looking for a better way to present the larger images.)


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  1. Interesting topic. Beethoven used a wire device from keyboard soundboard to his mouth, so he could “hear” his compositions, when his ears began losing their abilities. The pianoforte only began displacing the harpsichord at this time, partly because the pianoforte soundboard more easily transmitted the sounds and volumes than either the clavichord or harpsichord.

    All solid objects have a resonant frequency, and hundreds of years ago poets referred to the equivalent of the music of the spheres when referring to celestial bodies, and the orchestrated, predictable dance of the stars.

  2. BTW, you came up on the first page of a search for Kory Merritt, who does LSOS, and just began running a comic at GoComics with Paul Gilligan of Pooch Cafe. I recognised the name on a reading you had done for Merritt’s Corners run through a voice modification setup and landed here.

  3. Thanks for dropping by. Hope there’s something here you like.
    Several people on GoComics had been talking about Poptropica for a few weeks, but I couldn’t find the comic on the main game site so I didn’t know what they were referring to. Then yesterday, it was announced on the GoComics editor’s blog as being syndicated on GoComics ( I hadn’t done a search on Paul Gilligan, so I didn’t know who he was (I don’t read Pooch Cafe so I didn’t immediately recognize the name).
    BTW, you mentioned knowing about the Corners reading. Comments?

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