Science Manga

Interestingly, science is actually a fairly popular topic for manga. Often, it’s just used as a supporting prop for the rest of the story, without being the mainstay of the title itself. Just as often, though, the entire point of the title is to discuss science, inventors and math. Examples include Suugaku Girl (Math Girl), and Little Sister’s Synthesis.

(Imouto no Jinteze – Little Sister’s Synthesis)

Every one of the Otona no Kagaku mooks also include a 10-page short story.  Usually, the topic is something simple, such as how to kill cockroaches, how hair restorer products work, or why congested freeway traffic behaves so erratically.  There’ve only been two stories dedicated to inventors or scientists so far.  I’ve translated both of them (The Sound Warriors, and The World of Sound) specifically for review purposes only.  All rights belong to their owners.  Please do not reprint without permission.


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