Gakken Little Printer Kit

Finally, the Gakken website got updated (last update was for the scratch art kit in January). The new pages advertise the printer kit, showing examples of the cards you can print with it (basically, the little name cards you’d put on the dining table to show where people are to sit for a party), highlights from the magazine (the history of printing, examples of fancy printing by professional artists) and the downloads page (PDF of the assembly instructions (40 pieces total, including the screws and small bits), and operating instructions). 3,500 yen (approx. $32 USD) not including tax. The editors suggest a 30-minute assembly time, which may not include trimming the flash from the edges of all the letter blocks.

You only get two block sets, one for one each of the Japanese hiragana letters, and one for one set of the upper and lower case alphabet, plus numbers. So, unless there’s a way to by more block sets, or if you can make your own on a 3D printer, there’s going to be a very tight limit on what you can print with this. I’m assuming the idea is that you print in multiple passes.

The kit hits the shelves on mainland Japan on the 15th. Kagoshima won’t get them until 2 or 3 days later.

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