Answer Rotations

Answers for rotation and reflection:
1) Oliver Lee, age 44, lives at 312 Main Street. He asked the city to give him the license plate 337-31770 for his car. Why?

Rotated 180 degrees, the plate reads “OLLIE LEE”.

2) A basket contains more than 6 eggs, which are either white or brown. If x is the number of white eggs and y is the number of brown eggs, then what values are needed such that the sum of x and y turned upside-down is the product of x and y? That is, how many eggs are there?

x = 9 and y = 9. x + y = 18. x * y = 81. Turn 18 upside-down and you get 81.

If the problem allowed any number of eggs, then x = 3 and y = 3 (6 and 9) would also work.

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