Jager Puzzle

Phil Foglio, creator of the Girl Genius webcomic, likes to occasionally make papercrafts, wallpapers and other things. Here we have an other thing – a papercraft puzzle featuring the jagermonsters. The idea is to rotate the cubes so that you only get one each of the images on each row. I had so much trouble with this that I actually wrote a VBscript to find the solution to this puzzle, to no effect. Then, I went back and corrected some errors, and the script located the first of the many possible correct solutions. So, yes, it’s difficult (for me), but it can be solved. Either way, I printed the PDF on 0.15mm plain stock, which turns out to have the right stiffness without being so thick as to throw off the fold lines on the images.

I’m going to bring this puzzle to my classes and see if any of my students can do it before they crush the paper up in frustration.

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