Current status

Nothing really new to add here this time, science-wise. The weather has been too windy for flying the little drones outside, so I haven’t been able to practice with them at all lately. I don’t have any more synthesizer albums to include in the “now playing” category because I don’t listen to music when working at the computer much anymore, although I did get the Jean Michel Jarre “Equinoxe” CD as a Christmas present and I do have it on my MP3 player for walking to and from work. The thing is, I already included that in a previous “now playing” blog entry.

There probably won’t be anything else new from Gakken for months from now, if not for another year or so. I do have the 9-pin serial to USB adapter cable, but I haven’t had time to sit down with it yet to see if it works with the robot kit (or even if even the robot kit works at all). This is partly because I’ve been busy with work, but also because I’m in the middle of playing Zelda – Mask of Majora in what little free time I can get.

I did receive several books for Christmas as well, including two Cerebus the Aardvark phonebooks (Melmoth and Jaka’s Story), The Riemann Hypothesis by Roland van der Veen and Jan van de Craats, and The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems by Martin Gardener. I finished the two Cerebus books, which are must-reads for any Cerebus fan, but if you’ve never read this comic before, you really need to start from the beginning; picking it up in the middle will just be confusing. I’ve started reading the Riemann book, which was originally presented as a 4-week educational course for advanced high school kids looking to get into mathematics as a career. The first couple chapters just lay down the groundwork for understanding prime number distribution, derivatives, integration, infinite sums and limits. There are many exercises for readers to apply proofs to various problems, making pretty math-heavy. Some of the exercises use free online math software to draw plots of the prime number distribution curves and infinite sums. It’s a short book, but very deep. I haven’t gotten to the Gardener book yet – that’s absolutely colossal, as said in the title. That’s not a book you carry along to read during your commute on a crowded train.

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