Wood Puzzle Series 4, #2

Ok, so yeah, I got some spare change right after writing the last puzzle blog entry. It took 4 tries to get one of the 2 puzzles I’d wanted (2 were ones I’ve written up before from other series, and one was a duplicate of the last puzzle). I didn’t let the duplicates bother me much, because I intended to give them away to someone else. Finally, though, I got Helios.

This one also turned out to be pretty frustrating. It took me almost an hour to semi-crack the problem. I did reassemble it correctly, but when I got ready to take photos of the process, I couldn’t repeat the solution. I spent another 20 minutes trying again, and almost got it right. Eventually, though, I hit on a method that works for me. I’m now down to about 90 seconds from disassembly to reassembly.

This puzzle has 9 pieces: 3 identical central spines, 5 identical wings, and the one locking wing.

You can start out by taking two of the spines and placing them in a cross as shown in the photo.

But, what I find works better is to put one of the regular wings on the end of one of the spines, and follow with each new wing holding the last one in place. That is, each piece you add locks the last one, in general.

Follow this with the next spine.

Before you add the next wing, which would lock the lower wing as suggested above, we need to put the locking wing in place at the upper end of spine 1.

Lock the most recent 2 wings in place with the next wing.

Turn the puzzle around to place the next wing in back.

Rotate the locking wing and lift it up as far as it will go, and slide the last two wings in under it from either side. Then rotate the locking wing back to the normal position to complete the puzzle.

This really isn’t that hard of a problem to solve. What complicated things is simply that the pieces are so slick that they slide apart on their own. This is why using each wing to hold the last one in place helps a lot.

The only other puzzle in this series that I want is the Lattice. That’s next.

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