Kaleidocycles, Part 7

These are the last of the square cycles. As mentioned before, there are 6 geometric solids, 6 hexagonal cycles, 4 square cycles, and the 1 twisted cycle. I’d already run the first square some weeks ago, so this is the last of the patterns.

The ring to the right is 4-step, and the other two rings are two-step cycles. They look good, but there’s not much to take pictures of.

Overall, the Kaleidocycle box set is worth the money if you get it at $10-$12 USD, and you like making papercrafts. There’s not much replay value, so after a little while you’ll probably just want to leave them on a shelf or give them away. The alignment of the patterns over the cut lines is off by an eighth to a sixteenth of an inch on every single sheet, which is annoying. You’d think that having 30 years from the original printing of the book that the publishers would have gotten that right. But still, if you like Escher, this box set is a good deal.

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