Kaleidocycles, Part 5

(All rights belong to their owners. Images used here for review purposes only.)

And now, the twisted cycle. This one is made up of 5 double wedges, and the folds are just off-center enough to introduce a self-occurring 180 degree twist. When you glue the ends together, it becomes obvious which way you need to turn the slot to get the full twist, because you’re going to have an optimist-optimist / pessimist-pessimist match up. In essence, you’re making a Mobius ring.

First tab glued.

Second tab.

Third tab.

Fourth tab.

Fifth tab.

The end of the finished fifth double wedge.

The cycle glued into a ring. There’s only the one twisted cycle in the box set. It’s no more difficult to construct than any of the other objects. It’s just takes longer, because of the extra fifth glue tab.

The finished cycle, after the glue cured. Visually, it doesn’t look as “clean” as the hexagonal and square cycles do, and it’s harder to see the animation as the ring is rotated through the center. To me, this is not a really successful experiment.

(With the ring rotated one panel.)

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