Kaleidocycles, Part 4

(All rights belong to their owners. Image reprinted here from the book for review purposes only.)

I’ll get more into the construction of the Kaleidocycles here. We’ll start with the square cycle. The only difference from the hexagonal cycle is that you’re using 4 double wedges instead of 3. This means having 4 glue tabs, making for one extra step for gluing the paper together, and the finished ring has a square shape.

Folded sheet, with the first tab glued.

Second tab.

Third tab.

Fourth tab.

Ok, the next step is to make the ring. At one end of the cycle we have 2 folded, smaller glue tabs.

At the other end, the unglued edges of the final wedge form a slot. Apply glue to both sides of the smaller tabs and then slide them into the slot and wait for the glue to dry.

Actually, the book glosses over a major problem here. If you apply glue to both of the smaller tabs, when you make the ring one tab is going to be facing you and the other will be trapped inside the ring. Only the tab facing you will be exposed to the air for the glue to dry, and you have to constantly press the paper of the wedge against the tab to get the glue to stick. If you wait about ten minutes and then rotate the ring, the once-trapped panel will face you, and you’ll have wet glue smeared over everything. Plus, that tab adhered to the back of the first one, and there’s nothing for the trapped tab to glue against. Very messy and frustrating. It would have been nice if the authors had provide extra paper to the pattern to compensate for this. As it was, I always ended up with big seam lines from this last step.

The finished ring, with the last glue tab setting.

One day later, after the glue has fully cured. This is a simple 2-color map, so the cycle repeats after 2 turns.

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