3D Puzzle Series 3, Ladder Cube

Every time I try to get out, they just pull me right back in…
I was up at the Amu Plaza department store, looking at the banks of capsule ball dispensers. I’ve been having poor luck in getting things from the machines recently because I wait too long and when I’m finally ready to buy something, the machine disappears. So, when Amu Plaza set out twice the number of machines than normal, I took the time to look them all over, and then bought one of everything that caught my eye. That meant getting 5 toys all at once, for a total of 1,100 yen ($10 USD). One of the machines contained a new series of wooden puzzles, but it doesn’t seem to be an extension of the two earlier series, in that doesn’t say “series 3” on the advertising. On the other hand, 4 of the 6 puzzles are repeats. We get Cross, Neo Cross, Orb, Ladder Cube, Plain Cross and Double Rhombus Cube. 200 yen each.

Only Cross and Ladder Cube are new here. I got Ladder Cube on the first try, and then walked away. Cross looks nice, and I would like to get it if possible, but I don’t want to spend the money just to end up with more duplicates of the other puzzles. I’m not that desperate of a collector.

Ladder Cube probably ranks at 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 for difficulty. It consists of 9 pieces: 3 pegs, 3 legs with 3 holes, two legs with two holes and 1 peg each, and one leg with one hole and 2 pegs. The legs that are similar aren’t identical; the holes aren’t centered, so you have to be a bit careful in matching 2 of the 3-hole pieces to be opposite each other to get the holes aligned right. The remaining 3-hole leg gets matched up with the leg with 2 pegs. Then it’s just a matter of threading the pegs through the holes of the different legs to get the finished assembly. I got it right on the first try in less than a minute, but that’s because I’d just gotten lucky. The second time, the legs were aligned wrong and the cube leaned badly to one side. I disassembled the puzzle, identified the matching pieces, and was able to put it together again in a couple of minutes. Once you know what to look for, you can probably take it apart and put it back together again in under a minute. Not challenging, but it looks nice. About 2″ to a side.

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