Where do we go from here…

One of the problems in maintaining this particular blog is that it was originally intended for reviewing the Gakken Otona no Kagaku (Adult Science) kits, and it then kind of morphed into a Java/synthesizer/math and science hybrid. But, the number of Gakken kits have dropped from 3-4 per year to maybe 1 a year, and I’ve kind of run out of steam for writing about everything else. I’d like to keep focusing on synthesizers, but it’s not practical to buy new gear just to have something to write about, especially since I’m doing this blog for free. Bottom line is that I’m not sure there’s a point in trying to find new stuff to write about just in order to keep things moving here until the next kit comes out (which may or may not ever happen).

I’ve got two choices. One is to mothball this site and let it go into hibernation, or just kill it off entirely. The other is to completely change focus once more, and start a weekly review of webcomics that I like. I’ve been talking to a few artists, and I’d like to try something along a web interview series, or at least a “spotlight on…” kind of thing.

I’m still thinking right now. In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone reading this for hanging around with me as long as you have.

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  1. Always tough to decide when you reach a certain point… A spotlight on artist would be great though! There are definitely great artist out there. =)

    • Yeah. Mainly, I need to regroup my thoughts and then see what happens. I’ve talked to a couple artists on GoComics, and they’re willing to do interviews, but they’ve warned me that there already are a lot of interview sites on the net, and that I’d have to come up with something that really stands out. I don’t have a differentiator yet.

  2. Lun

     /  March 11, 2016

    And thank you for writing these super interesting articles ^^
    The spotlight thing sounds interesting, especially since there’s many talented people out there, sometimes really difficult to find.
    I remember a while ago you were going to send in the tickets from the Bokaro P ni Naritai magazine series so you could further experiment with it. How’d that end? 😀

    • Glad you liked them.
      Yes, I did send in for the commercial serial numbers. They sent back a simple postcard with the numbers on them. I haven’t been able to do much with the software since then, in large part because Mikumiku Dance has a lot of trouble running on my laptop. I need to upgrade computers and try again.


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