Table salt and dish soap

Here’s a little practical chemistry experiment to try when you’re really bored…

A few days ago, I had a small dish of plain white fine-powdered table sea salt, maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons worth. It had been sitting out for a while and had clumped up, so I figured I’d just toss it out, wash the dish and start over. Being lazy, though, I just splashed some water from the faucet into the bowl to soften up the salt and make it easier to remove. Then, I added several squirts of dish soap to a sponge, and rubbed the sponge to build up a good lather.

However, as soon as I started cleaning the dish of salt water with the sponge, the sudsing action of the soap just disappeared. The sponge stopped feeling slippery, and it was like all the soap had just been rinsed out of the sponge. The soap simply died on me. This has never happened before, and I can’t find anything talking about this on the net, doing a quick search. Salt water kills dish soap.


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