Puzzle Collection Neo, Glittery Cube

I visit the Amu Plaza department store at least once a week, because it’s close to my apartment (10-15 minute walk) and I can get free sample coffee from the import store in the basement food court. There’s a bank of capsule ball dispensers on the 6th floor, between the cineplex and the crane arm machines arcade. I’ll check the dispensers when I’m there to look for anime-related figures, and I’ll get one or two as examples of the art if they’re not too expensive ($2 to $3 USD, apiece). This time, I decided to take a few close up photos of the display case, showing Cup no Fuchiko (Office Lady Fuchiko who likes to play with office supplies), Doraemon and super-deformed Star Wars figures.

The machines had yet another puzzle series, this time variants on the Rubik’s Cube. These are cheap pirate knock-offs for 200 yen each – 2 cubes (one with plain stickers, and the other with glittery faces), 3 snakes (blue, orange and yellow-green) and 1 “column”. I was hoping for the column, or maybe one of the snakes, but I ended up getting the glitter cube.

I’ve never been that interested in solving the Rubik’s Cube, and I recognize that I have no skill for it. This one is cheap plastic that is hard to turn, but is only 3x3x3, so it should be a bit easier to figure out. It’s small, at only 1.5″ to a side. I don’t intend try again in order to get the column; I just wanted one sample trinket for the blog here.

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