Metal Puzzle 7 – Bird

This is the third of the new puzzles I picked up from the Daiei capsule dispensers. It shares enough similarities to Clover that just by looking at it, I was sure that I already knew the solution. 20 minutes later, I was wondering if I really had the right idea or not. I was able to get the ring past 60% of the bird shape, but that remaining 40% just kept getting in the way. I knew that the starting move had to go one specific way, but there apparently had to be some kind of complication preventing the bird from moving the way it needed to for my solution to work.

After another 20 minutes, I shook the puzzle out, tried again, and suddenly it got a lot easier to complete. That’s when I discovered that I did indeed have it right, but I was making a very obvious and fundamental assumption that turned out to be dead wrong. After correcting the assumption (hint: this puzzle is one-sided), I solved it in 20 seconds. I assembled and disassembled it a few more times just to verify that I could, and I’ve got the total time down to one minute. Again, it’s all about misdirection and making the puzzle so that the intuitive moves take you the wrong way.

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