Metal Puzzle 6 – Butterfly(b)

(Normal positioning of the ring as shown in the pamphlet.)

Butterfly(b) has nothing to do with Butterfly(a), outside of a vague similarity in shape. The figure folds both forward and backward along the spine, but the movement is limited by the little rings at the hinge points at the top and bottom of the puzzle. Rotating the little rings to point to you, or away, makes a big difference in how the rest of the puzzle reacts. I’ve been able to solve, and reassemble this thing multiple times, but it’s really more a matter of luck than actually knowing the answer for how to do it. There are two approaches to (b) – the brute force method, and the elegant way. With brute force, you fold the body one way, and rotate the ring over the top of the wings, then fold it back the opposite direction and rotate the ring back the way you had it before. The drawback to this approach is that the ring rubs against the antenna tip sections, and I got lots of little flecks of plating on my hands.


The elegant way is to only partly fold the wings, and push the ring along the path they create, so that the leading edge goes first (rather than pulling the ring by the edge farthest from the puzzle). I think I’ve spent two hours on this one, and every time I feel that I’ve finally got it right, I mess up. This is the kind of tricky that I’m not good at…

(My preferred positioning of the ring.)

One last comment. The capsule pamphlet shows (b) with the ring sitting in the middle of the butterfly. I rather prefer my ending position, with the two rings together down at the tail. It makes the puzzle look a lot more formidable this way.

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