Metal Puzzle 3 – Bell

Back in December, I had to teach English lessons at the school on Christmas Day, which is also when I got paid for the month. As I was coming home, I decided that I’d get one more wire puzzle from the capsule dispensers. There’s 10 in the series, and I was hoping I could avoid duplications. But, for 200 yen ($1.80 USD), that wouldn’t have been a crippling problem. Anyway, the shop still had the puzzles in that machine, and I ended up receiving Bell on the first try.

It looks complicated, but having solved Clover, I had a bit of an edge with this one. It took me about 3 minutes (less than 5 minutes, tops) to figure it out. Once I got the answer, I was able to disassemble it and put it back together in under 10 seconds, total. So far, I’m doing much better with the wire puzzles than I ever have before. I might end up talking myself into getting one or two more…

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