Metal Puzzle 2 – Clover

A couple days after getting G Clef, I started thinking. Two of my adult students like seeing some of the stuff I buy here, and they both like playing with the puzzles, although neither of them can solve them without help. Anyway, it might be interesting to get one more metal puzzle and see how they react. So, I went back to the capsule dispenser and put in another 200 yen ($1.80 USD). I turned the crank, hoping to get one of the most difficult ones in the machine, vaguely thinking of Clover as something I’d settle for. After the ball dropped out, I opened it and there it was – Clover. Fully extended, it’s about 6″ long, and made of light steel. The goal is to remove the 3 rings from the chain without breaking, bending or cutting anything.

This was undoubtedly the most frustrating puzzle I’ve successfully solved in a long time (some of the wood puzzles were annoying, and at least one I needed help on from youtube. But Clover is in a class by itself.) As I mentioned in the post on G Clef, I’m not good with these kinds of things, and I don’t like playing with them. But, after about 15 minutes I hit on the right idea for getting started. It’s just that the pieces are so slippery that I couldn’t get them to hold in place as I got closer to the solution. So, it took me over another hour to actually take it apart. Now, I’m down to about 3 minutes to remove the rings and then put them back on the chain. Woof. Not a bad challenge for the price.


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