Metal Puzzle 1 – G-Clef

I’d kind of cleaned out the capsule ball dispenser in trying to get Plain Cross a few weeks ago. After that, I wanted to hold off on spending any more money on capsules, so I didn’t bother visiting the shop right away. Finally, I figured that I’d at least check whether the dispenser was still there, and if it was refilled. Instead, the machine was used to hold an all-new series. This time, simple metal puzzles. I’m not that good at these, and as a result I don’t have much interest in them. But, I did want to get just one for the blog. (There’s a total of ten in the series.)

This one is “G Clef”, and is probably the simplest of the set. About 3″ long, 200 yen ($1.80 USD). Took me less than a minute to take it apart and put it back together again. Virtually no challenge at all.

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