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Full disclosure time again (not sure if I want to make a habit of this or not). I received this CD as a gift from Bon. He produced it and has 2 songs on it from his bands Bon DX and ARTS. It’s a sampler of Japanese reggae and Ska bands from around Kyushu. I’m not familiar with any of the other bands, and in fact I still haven’t heard ARTS performing yet, either. But, this is a good introduction to the various groups if you’re interested in this kind of music. A couple songs are in Japanese, the rest are in English with attempts at getting the accents right. I like Ska, but I’m not as big a fan of reggae, and I don’t care for the religious elements that permeate some reggae songs. So, I do like all the Ska pieces on this CD, especially the two by Bon. The reggae songs are ok, but I don’t listen to them as much as I do the others.

If you’re interested in hearing more, either get the CD, or check out the bands on youtube and then get the CD.

Wave Islands (from Miyazaki)
Rude Vibes (from Kagoshima)
The Rhinocerosmiles (from Kumamoto)
The Convictions (from Fukuoka)
ARTS (from Kagoshima)
Ram Jam Vendors (from Fukuoka)
Club Sandinista (from Fukuoka)
The Little Bitch (from Kagoshima)
DUB creation (aka Dub Rockers) (from Fukuoka)
SKA’SH Onions (from Fukuoka)
The Holidays (from Fukuoka)
The Ska-Phonics (from Oita)
Bon DX (from Kagoshima)
V.S. Honour (from Fukuoka)
No Kidding (from Kumamoto)
Vic Bongo (from Fukuoka)
The Explosions (from Fukuoka)
The Dicksweets (from Miyazaki)

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