Pyramid 3D Puzzle

Ok, the day after I wrote the entry on CrossNeo, I went back to the capsule dispenser shop and convinced myself that I would keep spending money (200 yen, or $1.80 USD, each) until I got one of the two remaining puzzles. Largely this was because I’d failed to watch the rocket launch from Tanegashima island and I was feeling frustrated. Up to this point, I had 4 unique puzzles out of the available 6 – Galaxy, Diamond, GetaCross and CrossNeo (in that order); leaving PlainCross and Pyramid. I put in my money and got Galaxy again. I put in more money and got Diamond again. I started banging on the dispenser in the hopes that that would have some kind of positive effect. On my third try, I got Pyramid.

While it looks good in the photos, this is the easiest puzzle of the group, and is kind of disappointing. It doesn’t help that the surfaces are so smooth that it falls apart when set on smooth tables, or when you try to pick it up. If you want to display this one, you may want to glue it together first.

It consists of 6 pieces: 4 pieces that have three lathed spheres, and 2 pieces with 4 lathed spheres. To reassemble it, put one 3-sphere down on the table, and prop two others against it as shown in the photo.

Lay a 4-sphere on the two standing 3-spheres to make the leading rising edge.

Lay the other 4-sphere piece down flat on the table alongside the 3-sphere piece that you started with to complete the three horizontal edges of the pyramid. Finish by putting the last 3-sphere piece in the gap facing you. It took me less than a minute to figure this puzzle out…

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