Bon DX Vol. 2 comments

The next 2-3 CDs aren’t electronica related, but I like them so I’ll include these reviews/comments here in this blog.


(All rights belong to their owners, Images used here for review purposes only.)

Full disclosure time – I’ve seen Bon Deluxe live at free events several times before, and they’re one of my favorite local groups here in Kagoshima. So, I’m going to say good things about them. Specifically, Bon DX is a revolving band, with the lead singer, Bon, being the only consistent member. It’s a Ska band focusing mainly on reworked covers of existing songs. There are 15 tracks, including Motto, a bonus track, for a play time of about 66 minutes. Most of the songs fall into the easy listening category, although 2 or 3 have some serious energy. My favorite, and the loudest of the group, is a cover of Yosue Inoue’s Higashi e, Nishi e (To the East, To the West). Bon performs most of these songs in his live sets, and I’ve uploaded videos of them to youtube. One major exception to the ska covers is Surf Monkey, which Bon wrote for Nonki.

Bon’s go-to bass player is Nonki Yamada, an incredibly talented musician that puts out his own surf-flavored music on his “Nonki” label. Nonki likes the Ventures, and Surf Money is the title track to his self-released CD, and is track 6 on Bon DX Vol. 2. It’s a really weird mix of ska and surf, and works amazingly well. Good stuff. This CD is priced at 1,800 yen, although I paid 2,000 at the Amu Plaza Christmas Market event when Bon had one of his live shows. Highly recommended, though it helps to understand Japanese.

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