3D Diamond Puzzle

Diamond is from the same capsule ball collection as Galaxy. It’s much easier to take apart and put back together, and it’s also 5 cm side to side. 200 yen. On a scale of 1 to 5, this is about a 0.5.

Diamond is almost exactly like Soccer Ball except for 3 differences. 1) It’s cubic instead of spherical (not a major issue). 2) All 6 pieces are identical. 3) Because they’re identical, there’s no dedicated locking piece. It’s this last point that makes assembling Diamond slightly different from Soccer Ball. They start out the same, though. Just follow the instructions for Soccer Ball all the way up to the last step.

The pieces fit together fairly loosely, so slide the last one into place and let all the others push apart relatively freely without completely disassembling. Then, as the last piece slips into place over the others, push them together to get the puzzle to self-lock.

Unfortunately, because it is self-locking, if you put the puzzle on its corners instead of sitting flat, it will disassemble under its own weight. Not a very good design, and probably the worst puzzle in the series.

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  1. I had some similar ones. The older brother brought them back from his US Navy tour of Viet Nam, Philippines and Japan. Also puzzle boxes from somewhere, Philippines I think.

    But those puzzles were all lost in the fire.

    • There are a lot of really good puzzles at game stores in the U.S. now, plus hand-crafted ones online. If you want to get new ones to replace the ones you lost.


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