Sakura Papercraft

A few weeks ago, I wrote about going to a Home and Energy Saving fair, where an architect had laser-cut sheets of wood for putting together a pencil holder in the shape of a house. He also gave me sheets of papercrafts for the local Kagoshima mascots, Guree-bu and Sakura. Sakura is pre-cut, Guree-bu isn’t. So, when I finally had a few free hours with nothing scheduled, I sat down to make Sakura. The sheet is printed on A4 paper. The paper between the cuts was just thick enough that I decided to take the pieces out by using a cutter knife rather than just punching them free. So that took about an hour total. Plus I was using envelope glue, instead of white wood glue, so the glue was taking longer than normal to bond the pieces of paper together. I think the gluing part took 2.5-3 hours. It wasn’t a particularly difficult project, just a bit fiddly.

The finished piece is about 5 inches tall, and 4 inches wide, including the flower whiskers.

I may tackle Guree-bu in the next few weeks, but I have to cut all the pieces out with a scissors or cutter knife, and that’s going to take a lot longer…

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