House and Energy Fair Papercrafts

(Gundam, to the right.)

There was a Home and Energy Saving fest on Oct. 25th, at the Volunteer Center.

One booth was part of the display by a local Kagoshima architect, and consisted of a number of really good papercrafts. The designs all came from the Yamaha site, the architect just printed them out and built them. Having made the Himeji Castle papercraft myself, I think I have a good idea of just how much work went into all of these projects here…

(The One Piece ships, plus Space Battleship Yamato.)

(Goku, Frozen, Pokemon, Miku Hatsune, and random animals.)

(Tigger and a really nice blaster.)

These building card cutouts were probably based on the architect’s own designs. He uses something similar for his business cards.

Gundam, from the back.

Next door, the same guy had a workspace for people that wanted to make things themselves. I asked if he’d let me make something, and his assistant pulled out two sheets of laser-cut wood, asking if I wanted the piggy bank house or the pencil holder house. I chose the pencil holder because I don’t have anything to put into a piggy bank. I was told that I had 30 minutes, which I thought meant that they’d be closing up at 3:30 or 4 PM. So, I sat down and started punching pieces out of the wood. Initially they said that I wouldn’t need glue to hold the pieces together (which was true for the walls and roof) but I did have to glue on the window and door frames. The edges where the laser burned the wood were very ashy, and that covered my hands and stained one side of the wooden pieces. I ended up flipping the pieces to be “wrong-side out” because that side wasn’t getting stained. Fortunately, they had lots of wet wipes, which I needed constantly. I think it actually took an hour to finish everything, and that was with the architect sanding down the locking pegs for me because he’d discovered that he’d designed the matching holes to be a little too small. The finished pencil holder is about 6″ cubed.

Very nice for something that was free.

He also let me have papercraft sheets for the local advertising mascots, Gree-bu and Sakura. Sakura is pre-cut, Gree-bu isn’t.

(Greebu papercraft sheet)

(Sakura papercraft sheet)


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