Otona no Kagaku newsletter #164

Finally received the latest newsletter in email. The editors start out by stating that it has been a long time since the last kit came out, and that they’d gotten a LOT of inquiries from fans asking what’s going on. They add that they’re pretty confident that this kit is going to hold up under the scrutiny after such an extended wait. It’s going to be the “Tornado kit”, also known as the “Tatsumaki Hassei Souchi” = Hurricane Springing Forth Device”, with a release date of Nov. 12. The editors would be very happy if you put in a pre-order.

1) Tornado Kit Out After 1 Year Wait
There’s a fairly extensive description of both the kit and the magazine. On the kit side, it’s basically a mister-style room humidifier. Blowers at the bottom of the main chamber push in a fine mist and create a visible vortex within the chamber. A tri-color LED provides a changing light show, and the unit has an USB jack for power if you want to plug it into a PC for table-top operations. It also has an auto-off timer if you want to use that. The magazine is A4-sized, 84 pages, and has photos of various air flow patterns, the science of hurricanes, pictures of auroras, and an article on tornado hunters. The online instructions show 40+ parts (including screws and springs) and a suggested 60 minute assembly time. 3,500 yen, not including tax. Hitting stores Nov. 12 (it will get to where I am in Kyushu 3 days later.

2) Knitting is Popular in America
The editors talk about how knitting is popular world-wide, and then segue into the release of a new book – “Knitting Loom”, with the “Knitting Loom Starter Kit”. 2,100 yen. Nov. 17th release date. No photos or on-line pre-ordering links.

3) Rainbow Loom Starter DVD Book
Gakken has decided to release a DVD and book combo for showing beginners how to make various items with the Rainbow Loom. B5-sized book, 84 pages, plus the DVD. 1,300 yen not including tax. Released on Oct. 13.

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