Bokaro P ni Naritai, vol. 30

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I want to be a Vocaloid Producer, vol. 30, 1,500 yen, plus tax.
Well, this is it. Volume 30. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, other than a whole bunch of extra MMD model files. I’m not exactly feeling a letdown, but I am surprised that the past year went by so fast, without my even being able to generate part of a video on my own. I blame my schedule and the need for being able to eat periodically. With luck, I can get a bit more done with Vocaloid in the next year. But still… sigh.

New magazine features:
The 4-panel comic has Rana passed out in bed with the teachers sitting next to her, worried. They attribute her condition to her coming down with a cold. At the same time, Rana is dreaming about graduating, and upgrading from Rana 0.5 to Rana 1.0. She imagines that she’s tall and thin now. Robo-panda asks why she’s smiling in her sleep, and Satchan guesses that she’s dreaming about eating lots of sweets. In the classroom section, Rana has recovered, and Robo-panda and the other teachers comment about how she’s learned so much in the course, then go on to describe Vocaloid Editor 4.0, which is available for a 5,000 yen ($45 USD) upgrade fee. The section ends with the teachers offering to let Rana stay at the school as a research assistant. She agrees, then finds that she has to start her new studies right away. There’s also a brief description of the winter coat model file for MMD.


The genre this time is “Everyone sings pop”, and the interview is with 40mP. The MMD tutorial shows how Cort did some of the effects for the demo video in a little more detail. Two pages talk about the Vocaloid 4 Editor, showing how to do the installs, and giving some information on the Vocaloid 3 and 4 Libraries. The last two pages are just screenshots of 78 music videos that had been submitted by the readers. The back page is a “diploma” that you can fill in, cut out and frame if you want.

New DVD Features:
Again, no pick-up artist.
There’s the winter jacket model file for MMD, Cort’s finished demo file that had been part of the tutorials for the last 8-9 issues, and installation mirrors for the newest versions of SSW and Vocaloid.

(Vocaloid 4 Editor.)

Time for wrap-up. The tutorial just covers some remaining hints for creating melodies. The first suggestion is to start by writing your lyrics in the key of C. Afterward, you can simply select the entire song and use the up and down cursor keys to transpose the music until it sounds good. Then, tweak the timing. If a phoneme would sound better if held longer, drag the lyrics around as needed and stretch out the target phoneme as much as you want. The tutorial ends with “just experiment, have fun, and make lots of Vocaloid songs.”

Here, the editors want to discuss a few extra features in SSW, including tempo changing, and modifying the note positions for MIDI tracks (key shifting). From the Options menu, you can also select Arrange->Chord Settings, to display the chord names, which you can then hand edit. The tutorial ends with a playback of the demo song “Kimi to Dokomade mo” (“I’ll go anywhere with you”), a peppy little marching piece that’s very reminiscent of the Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) opening song.

(Winter coat Rana model, plus the ice stage.)

The tutorial starts out recapping Cort’s suggestions for making videos, then repeats the steps for uploading the finished video to Nico Nico Doga, with hints about what to put in the title, tag and description fields. This is followed by suggestions for reaching a wider audience, which includes being the first person to comment on your own video, and announcing the link on Twitter or Facebook, as well as participating in Vocaloid online events (such as celebrating Rana’s birthday). Each of the last 10 MMD tutorials are summarized in a vertical scroll. And finally, we get Cort’s finished video, and a remake of “799” using Rana’s new winter code model file.

Additional comments:
It’s hard to say whether this series was worth the money for me. There’s definitely a lot of information here, and all three of the applications – Vocaloid, Singer-Song Writer and Miku Miku Dance are huge. Lots of features. But, I really have to sit down with them for a couple uninterrupted months to see what I can accomplish with them. I’ve mentioned before that MMD produces really slow animations on my laptop. I don’t know if it’s because of old drivers, limited memory, or what, but I’m pretty sure I need to upgrade to a better desktop machine to make dance videos. I do like SSW a lot, and I plan to so some work with Vocaloid soon. But, now that the series is over I do have to decide what to run next on this blog.

In the meantime, here’s a capsule ball figure of Miku Hatsune.

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  1. Lun

     /  October 31, 2015

    Great post! Thank you for putting your time and effort into reviewing the Bokaro P ni Naritai series 😀 I very much enjoyed it!
    If a sequel gets released, will you be reviewing that as well?

  2. Thanks, Lun.
    If there is a sequel, I think I probably will review it also.
    That probably won’t come out for quite a while, though.


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