I guess I should post something about what’s going on around here, but the problem is that the short answer is “nothing”.

Gakken’s website hasn’t been updated since January, and the only post on the Facebook page was back in June for some event with a Korean designer for the Rainbow Loom. Nothing on any of the adult science kits since the mini-Theremin came out in October. No idea if  Gakken has dropped the line completely, or what.

I’ve got 3 more CD comment entries waiting in the queue, then I may switch to something math-like again. I’ve been really busy this month with contract work that is very time-consuming, but not all that lucrative, and this has kept me from watching the Vocaloid tutorials for vol. 23. (Vol. 24 just came out yesterday and I won’t be able to pick it up until this afternoon.) The work may run until the end of the month, and then I should have more free time again.


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