Star Trek Ship Collector’s Series

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DeAgostini publishes biweekly magazines/kits in Japan. One past kit was the Robi robot, while ongoing series include the 3D printer, an R/C drone, and the Columbo TV episode DVDs.

(Back cover)

Another ongoing series is the Star Trek ship collection. Right now, it’s up to #29, the Jem’Hadar fighter. I don’t have any particular interest in Star Trek anymore (I enjoyed the original series, got completely turned off by Next Generation, and couldn’t stand Deep Space Nine or Voyager). For the movies, I called it quits with the Wrath of Khan.

(The first 5 ships in the series.)

However. Junkudo, the big bookstore in Maruya Gardens, has the first 14 back issues on the shelves, right above the new issues section where the Vocaloid magazine gets posted for 1 day before being relegated to the overflow shelves. And I look at the ships sometimes just because I’m hoping I’ll like one of them. But, most of them are too expensive. The very first ship had an introductory price of 499 yen ($4 USD), which, given that it comes with the magazine, was too good a value to pass up. #2 was 1,300 yen, putting it out of my range, and all the rest are at 2,300 yen, which I refuse to fork over. I did finally get #1, though.

The body is kind of flimsy plastic, but the main deck and the base are good, solid metal. It looks nice, and is fairly large at about 4″ long. The magazine introduces the series, gives teasers for the next few ships, and has a couple pages on the design and creation of the first Enterprise ship. It is misleading, however, in that the pictures of the model for the box art show that some of the colored plastic parts are glowing with an internal light. This is photoshopped – the model itself doesn’t have LEDs or accept batteries. It’s just a hunk of inert stuff. Still, it’s worth getting kit 1 because of the price, anyway.

I am hoping to see photos from someone that receives the Borg cube. That DOES light up, but you have to show proof of purchasing the first 20 issues to get it ($400).

To infinity, and beyond!

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