Jump Papercraft 1

A few days ago, I had some time to kill during work, so I swung by a konbini to get some can coffee for a snack. I glanced over the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and discovered that there was a papercraft project this time. (Note that this was issue 22-23. May 1-7 is the Golden Week holiday, so there is no new issue now.) Normally, the manga magazines are sealed to prevent people from standing around and reading them for free, which is why I missed the last two papercrafts. This issue was 260 yen ($2.40 USD).

I like making papercraft stuff and this one was pretty fun.

(All rights belong to their owners. Images used here for review purposes only.)

The project is Trafalgar Law, which is part of the “Dessaroza georama”. Since back issues of weekly magazines are hard to come by, I doubt I’m going to be able to make the earlier figures or building-scapes.

Actually, there’s one more project in this issue – a fold-up stand for holding your smartphone when you’re not carrying it. You can choose which side to have facing out, since both sides of the paper have different designs.

Finished projects. The holder took all of 5 minutes, including the time needed to punch it out of the page. Law required maybe 15, 20 minutes, mainly because of how the tabs in his hat interlace to be more or less circular. Those were a bit finicky.

The edges of Law’s back weren’t completely lined up for the photo. That was a simple thing to fix.

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