Sailor Moon Micro Block Kit

One of the people I know went to Hong Kong for a week, and when she came back she gave me this Micro Block kit she found at the airport. It’s kind of funny, I tried finding a website for this company, and I can’t (not right away, anyway). It looks like it’s based on the Japanese Nanoblock designs, which in turn, of course, are patterned on Legos. The company seems to be Loz, based in Hong Kong, but the box says “Made in China”. Hard to say if this is a pirate product, or something that’s actually properly licensed from the holders of the Sailor Moon copyrights.

Took 20 minutes just to sort out the pieces. I didn’t count all of them, but a few of the colors and shapes had one or two extra pieces over the amount given in the instructions. Fortunately, none of the pieces came up short. A rough count from the instructions comes out close to 200 parts.

From start to finish took 2 hours. I can’t imagine trying to do this without the instructions (all pictorial, no words), and even then I had problems understanding exactly what I was supposed to do in some places. I had to disassemble various parts along the way to correct mistakes or omissions. At the end, the legs, arms and hair sections kept coming apart because they were only being connected by one peg each. Then, when I tried mounting the kit on the base plate, I discovered that the spacing of the legs, according to the pictures in the instructions, were one peg too close together, meaning that the kit wouldn’t stand exactly centered on the plate. I had to rearrange the legs to line up with the plate pegs, and that makes the kit look even more “blocky”. Maybe I should have moved the feet closer together instead of the other way. The completed assembly feels so fragile that I don’t want to even carry it between rooms. It is an interesting experience, but I don’t know if I’d want to make more than one of these kinds of kits, at this point.

Total height is about 3 inches.

The head is hollow, making Usagi-chan a true “air head”.

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