Gakken Activity, Feb. 20, 2015

Another slow week. No news about the next Otona no Kagaku kit. The last one came out in September, and the lack of information this time is not a good sign. I’m guessing that we may not see anything on the next kit until maybe May. In the meantime, the Facebook and Otona no Kagaku pages introduced a new interview with a manga artist associated with the Mysteries of the Human Body book.

So far, there have been two interviews, one with Aooni Yamane (Dekochin, Meitantei Kageman, Oyaji Banzai).
The other is with Motoei Shinzawa (High School! Kimengumi).

Elsewhere, we have two new bi-monthly/weekly subscription kits from DeAgostini. The first is a 3D printer. It looks to have about a 6″ print table, with a footprint about the size of a laptop PC. The first issue is 999 yen ($10 USD), and the next will be 1,999 yen (not including tax). 55 volumes total, and the full price for the finished kit will be over $1,000. However, it will include CAD software for designing whatever you want to build.

The other is the Sky Rider Drone. From what I can make out, the first volume is 999 yen (10 USD), and the rest will probably be about 2,000 yen each (price varies from issue to issue depending on the size of the part included). The full set will run 20 volumes. And, if you buy all of them, you’ll get the RC unit and simulator software as a present.

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