MMD Frame Renders

I tried going back to the workfile from volume 5 to see if I could get MikuMikuDance to render the .avi for that. Unfortunately, I still got the “.dll file not found error”. I was thinking that it might be because of the way the vol. 6 project was set up (you’re given the main MMD project file already pre-assembled, then you have to browse to locate the Rana, guitar, stage and soundtrack files on your PC). Apparently not, though. I know that the installation worked at one time, because I rendered the full project back with volume 1.

Anyway, I then tried rendering a bitmap frame cap, and that worked. So, maybe my earlier problem with frame caps was due to the way lighting is defined in the vol. 6 demo project file. My only complaint is that there’s no way to specify the finished image size.

So, this is what you’re working with for making music videos with Rana, so far.

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