Otona no Kagaku Newsletter #162

The latest newsletter showed up in email right after I posted that there wasn’t much new to write about. There still isn’t, but at least I have a newsletter telling me that, now.

The editors start out reminding the readers about the Rainbow Loom kit that came out in August, and then announce 3 events coming up in the next few days.

1) New Rainbow Loom Kit Releases
Due to the popularity of the first kit, a new Master Kit will be coming out on Dec. 5th, for 2,592 yen. Aimed at ages 6 and up, it will have a 52-page, A4-size, guide booklet, plus 10 colors of elastic bands and accessory parts.

The Cute Accessories kit comes out on Nov. 25, with an 84-page booklet and some more elastic bands, at 830 yen.
The Adult Cute Set hits the shelves on Dec. 16. 100-page, B5 booklet, more elastic bands and supporting parts, for 1000 yen.

2) Tokyo Maker Faire
There’s a new Maker Faire being held at Tokyo Big Site on Nov. 23rd and 24th (Sunday and Monday). Gakken will have demos and classes with several of their latest kits, including the Mini Theremin, the Electric Steel Drum and the Pocket Miku. Tickets are 1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for those 18 and under in advance. 1500 and 700 at the door. Hours are 12 PM – 7 PM on Sunday. 10-6 on Monday.

3) Otona No Kagaku email magazine members-only invitation
Kansai University has a program called MOOC, offering special chemistry classes through their online Gacco site. There will be 4 one-day courses on Nov. 29th (2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon) on biotechnology. The courses will include online lectures and hands-on experiments. Gakken is offering a random drawing and 5 people will be selected to attend the classes. Open to email magazine subscribers only.
Course 1) Japan’s food culture: Experiencing fermentation (10 AM-1 PM)
Course 2) Boasting of Japan’s accomplishments: Make your own capacitor (10 AM-1 PM)
Course 3) Cutting edge medical science: Make a polymer for personal appearance (2-4 PM)
Course 4) Metals used in hybrid cars and airplanes: The strengths of inorganics (2-4 PM)

(I’m really not sure what course 3 is about. I think it’s on plastic surgery, using polymers to enhance skin tone.)

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