Newsletter 159

Of course, just when I post a few messages about how there’s no activity at Gakken, I get the next newsletter in email.

It starts out thanking everyone for being patient, and then announcing that kit 41, the Auto Writer, is coming out on July 22nd.

01) The Auto Writer
The editors state that the Auto Writer was co-developed by Meiwa Denki (producers of off-the-wall almost-practical devices) (Meiwa president shown above), and that it’s really cool. It has one motor and a gear system that can drive the writing hand in 3 directions. You start out by writing with the program cam, and that then controls the movement of the hand holding the pen.
100 page book, A4 size. 3,500 yen (not including tax).

2) Official Pocket Miku Book
This 116 B5-sized page book is intended to assist newbies into the world of MIDI music using the Pocket Miku and the online voice reprogramming application. It walks readers through the steps of using the online app, discusses how to control it with PC sequencer software, and teaches non-musicians how to read a score and play simple songs on the Miku.
Released on June 12th. 1,500 yen, not including tax. Book includes a Miku seal.

3) Murumura Suru Uchuu (The Attractive Universe)
This is a 224 A5-sized page science book written by Naoki Yoshida, professor of astrophysics at the University of Tokyo. The book is divided into 3 parts. First is an explanation of puzzles regarding the universe that scientists have been able to unravel. Second is kind of a Q&A. Third is a discussion of what the attractive/repulsive forces are in the universe, including dark energy and dark matter.
Scheduled for a June 26 release. 1,300 yen, not including tax. (No cover art yet.)


4) Rainbow Loom
If you’re old enough, you may remember seeing something like this as a kid. It was a girl’s toy featuring a plastic square grid that you’d use as a frame when threading on cloth-covered elastic bands. You could use it to make pot holders, coasters, and other small items. The Rainbow Loom is an updated version, and is coming out in Japan probably as part of the Petit Handmade series.
The kit comes with the loom, elastic bands, and a 28 page A5 booklet. Scheduled for a July 29th release. 1,200 yen, not including tax.

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  1. Michael Boyd

     /  June 14, 2014

    Would be even better if they came out with a robot teaching arm about the same size as the auto writer. What I mean by teaching arm is instead of programming the arm by PC keyboard. Your program it by moving the arm in a pattern( say by “picking up pencil and placing it a coffee cup). Same way the industrial factory program a robot arm manually. Like spray painting a coat of paint on a car.


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