Gakken Update, 140610

A little bit of new activity on the Otona no Kagaku facebook page. They’re announcing an event in Chiba on the 14th to promote the release of the first solo album, Spinning, by theremin musician Kuritez. The event will include a performance by Kuritez, an album signing for people that buy the album or DVD that day, and a workshop on how to assemble, tune and play the Otona no Kagaku theremin kit (vol. 17).

And, Hah!
With all of my whining about the next Gakken kit being delayed, right after I posted this entry I checked at Amazon, and YES, they have a pre-order page up for the Auto Writer! No photo of the box art there, yet. Tentatively scheduled for July 22, at 3,780 yen ($39 USD). A shorter mook this time, at only 100 pages. Since all new products take a couple days to reach Kyushu from the main island, I may not be able to buy this kit until the 24th or 25th at the earliest. And, Gakken has updated the Next Up page, too (giving the price as 3,500 yen plus tax).

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