Gakken Updates, 06/05/14

I go to the Otona no Kagaku page every day, just to make sure there hasn’t been new activity. And recently, there’s been nothing. I also check the Gakken Facebook page for the same reason, and with the same results. Just on the off-chance, I occasionally visit and type in “Gakken” to see if there’s a new product page added for accepting pre-orders for something. So far, the Auto-Writer has remained off the radar.

But… There has been one new item showing up on Amazon – The Official Singing Keyboard Pocket Miku book. Not really sure why the Pocket Miku needs a separate book, the booklet that came with the kit was only 16 pages long, so it’s not like it’s all that complex or has that many options to explore. I can see it, IF the new book suggests possible mods for voiding the warranty.

Anyway, there’s no cover image yet. 116 pages, 1,620 yen ($17 USD). Tentative release date: June 12.


Something else that caught my attention while looking at the Pocket Miku Official book, is the Vocaloid Hako Vision. This thing is a box with a reflector mirror inside. You scan the QR code on the side of the box with your smartphone, then place the phone on top of the box, facing down. Your phone will run a Vocaloid app which you can watch via the mirror as if the box was an old-style TV. 882 yen. You can put it on the shelf along with your Gundam and Tokyo Station hako visions.


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