Making of Making Waves, Part 3

In a way, the 2’s sinewave reminds me of Pacman, so I had a “wocka wocka” sound in the back of my mind as the wave crosses the axis. Then I bought the Korg M01 emulator for the Gameboy DS, and I thought that this might be a decent application for demonstrating it. The 2’s wave would lay out the rhythm for the rest of the sinewaves, and I’d just bring in new instruments for each new wave. In fact, though, I built up the soundtrack backwards, adding all 8 instruments at one time, with the intent of muting the ones I wasn’t using when it came to time recording the tracks. I plugged the Gameboy into my video camera mike jack and recorded the output that way. I then stripped out the audio track using Audacity, trimmed the files to remove the dead spaces at the beginning and ending of each file, and removed the hiss that got introduced by the Gameboy along the way.

Unfortunately, it became clear real fast that using prime numbers for the timing of each instrument was going to be a mess.

I am fully aware that the track for the 19’s wave is unlistenable garbage. I apologize for that. Blame natural numbers, if you want.

I did have to tweak the song timing. The Init default for the M01 is 120 bps. I had to change it to 95 bps so that one scene equated to “4 units” on the x-axis of the Excel sheet graphs. That is, 1 M01 “scene” covers the 2’s wave crossing the x-axis twice, which requires a 95 bps for the M01. After this, things were pretty simple. I pretty much had to write the music note-by-note for each instrument since the weird timings of the x-axis crossings in most cases prevented me from using the copy-paste functions. After the sequencer interface, the thing in the M01 that I spent the most time using was the mixer, for changing the volume settings of the voices for each movie cycle.

Overall, while the movie itself is really primitive and ignorable, I do like having had the Korg M01 to use for the sound track. I plan on using it more in the future.

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