Gakken News, 04/22/14

Nothing really happening on the Otona no Kagaku Facebook page, or the Designer’s blog, which is part of the problem. Right now, no news from the editors or engineers means bad news. Specifically, the page for the next kit, the Auto Writer, has been quietly revised to show the new potential release date to be in July. However, the date was given in 2 locations on that page, and the editors only changed one of them (the other still shows a May release). This is the second time the date has been pushed back on this kit. It would be nice to know if it’s because of marketing decisions and that they don’t want it to impact sales of other new kit releases (like the Pocket Miku), or if it’s because they still can’t make the kit work.

While I’m here, I’ll mention the Pocket Miku. Somehow, my PC has gotten infected with floating ads, which happened with the latest update of Adobe Flash Player. I installed AdBlocker, and that worked ok for a while, then there were new updates to Windows, and slowly the number of webpages with floating ads has been creeping to to close to 60%. If anyone knows how to get rid of them, please let me know.

Anyway, either because of the ads, AdBlocker, or some new Windows security feature, the webpage for updating the Pocket Miku keyboard is now getting blocked and I can’t unblock it. Part of the appeal of the Pocket Miku is that you can update the text strings it uses during playback. If the updater doesn’t work, then the Pocket Miku is just an overly-expensive Speak-and-Play.


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