NSX-39 announcement

(Image from the Otona no Kagaku site, used for review purposes only.)

Ok, when I first saw this announced on Gakken’s Facebook page, I thought it was just a book published in support of some Vocaloid product. But Gakken activated a page on their Otona no Kagaku site that indicates that this is a pocket synthesizer. If you watch the video, you can see that it has a few operating modes with “voices” that either recite “do-rei-me” or a few other set phrases. There are two ribbon controllers – one is keyboard key based and the other is a linear ribbon. A vibrato button modulates the voice, and using shift-volume lets you shift octaves. Billed as the “Pocket Miku”, it’s mainly just an interesting toy, but the price is 4,980 yen ($50 USD), and it has a USB port you can plug into your computer and download your own custom phrases if you want. So, price-wise the Pocket Miku might be worth getting for the novelty value. Due out April 3rd.

youtube video

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  1. Jeremy

     /  April 6, 2014

    What’s the easiest way to order one? If I managed to navigate through their website would they ship one to Canada?


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