Synth Tutorial, Part 8: Practical Example

Back in December, I decided to do a reading of Kory Merritt’s dark little poem, Corners. This is a practical example of using the Korg Kaossilator Pro’s vocoder function. The first step was to plug a decent microphone into the K-Pro’s “mike in” jack, adjust levels, and then find a program voice and gating/pitch setting on the k-pad that produced the effect I wanted. I also wanted some background noise, so I tweaked the PAiA Fatman to produce a bass beat with the two oscillators outputting slightly detuned squarewaves to get a beat frequency. I then ran both instruments into the Behringer mixer, and selected a mild reverb effect from the mixer’s FX options. I don’t have a recorder yet, so I just put my digital camera in front of the speakers and recorded everything as a video.

When I was done with the reading, I copied the movie file to my PC and used Audacity with a third-party plug-in to strip the audio track from the .mov file, and added a little more reverb and boosted the low frequency end with the equalizer functions. After that, I saved the results to a .wav and imported that into Windows Movie Maker to create the final video.

The vocoder step is what had the biggest impact on the entire process. I think the final product turned out ok. If you compare Corners with my other tutorial videos, my voice should be unrecognizable.

youtube link

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