Gakken activity, Jan. 30

A little bit of activity on the Gakken Designer’s blog. They’re announcing that anyone that buys the “Science of Beautiful Skin” kit can send in a card to receive some postcards as a thank you present. Deadline for sending in the card is Feb., 2016.

Synth Tutorial, Part 5: The SK-150 Mark II

Fifth in the series of video tutorials on synthesizers, with a look at the controls of the Gakken SX-150 Mark II ribbon controller kit, and how they compare to the Rockit.

Part 5: SX-150 Mark II

Synth Tutorial, Part 4: LFO

Fourth in the series of video tutorials on synthesizers, focusing on the Low Frequency Oscillator, what it does and why it’s cool.

Part 4: The LFO


Further updates on Gakken

(Image taken from the Otona no Kagaku site. Used for review purposes only.)

The release of the Science of Beautiful Skin kit was just announced on both the Facebook and Otona no Kagaku pages. 108 pages, 850 yen ($9 USD).

#6, the pottery kit, in the Petite Handmade series has been out for close to 3 weeks now, but it’s still not listed on the Otono no Kagaku site. You can see it listed on, though.

For me, the biggest news is the most depressing. Gakken has updated the Auto Writer kit page to show a tentative March, 2014, release date now, pushed back from January.

Synth Tutorial, Part 3: Filtering

The third in the series of video tutorials. This one focuses on the link between the time and frequency domains of analog signals, and how that relates to the filter cut-off and resonance controls.

Part 3: Filtering

Synth Tutorial, Part 2: Envelope Generator

Second part in the video series on synth basics. This time, we look at the envelope generator, generally referred to as the EG, or ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) envelope.

Part 2: EG