Electromagnet Speaker Mod

(Front view.)

After putting the chopstick in to hold the LEDs units by threads, I realized that over half of the time the LEDs are pointing away from the viewer. To fix, I used construction paper to make a back cover, and then lined it with aluminum foil. There is a problem with the foil killing the magnetic field from the coil, so the cover can’t be pushed in all the way.  But, it still works the way I want it to. To make the case more stable when standing upright, I cut a popsicle stick in half, mounted the two halves to the case with bolts, and added rubber feet to the sticks. I’m still debating whether to solder in a toggle switch and put that on the side of the case so that I don’t have to use the default switch which is now on the bottom next to one of the popcicle sticks.

(Back View.)

(Night View.)

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