Electromagnet Experiment Speaker

(Image taken from the Gakken site for review purposes only.)

Gakken pulled something of a fast one on me. Back on Nov. 3rd, they made a short announcement of a new kit on their Facebook page, but I didn’t feel like translating the text and the picture looked like something related to the USB special effects camera. So, I just assumed that they were still talking about videos made using the camera. However, the main Otona no Kagaku page has just announced a new kit – the Denji Jikken Supi-ka- (Electromagnetic Experiment Speaker). It’s marked as “Otona no Kagaku PLUS”, for people that like doing experiments, and it’s not part of the numbered kit line.

The kit consists of a plastic case, circuit board, battery holders, volume knobs, speakers, 3 regular tri-color “LED units”, and one LED unit with a coil in the base. Suggested assembly time is 60 minutes. The idea is that you can put all four LED units in the main case, and use that as a flashing external speaker for your MP3 player. Or, you can mount the LED units in other holders and use them to play with. One suggestion is to suspend the units by threads and take strobed photos of the light paths.

The kit does come with a thinner, 64-page mook, and has an article on Nikola Tesla. Official release date is Nov. 28, so I won’t be seeing it in Kyushu for another 2-3 days. Cover price is 2,940 yen ($30 USD).

No new information on the next numbered kit, the Auto-Writer doll.


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