Otona no Kagaku Mail Magazine #157

The mail magazine opens very perfunctorily this time, with a curt greeting and no mentions of the changing weather or approaching Fall activities. It just goes straight into the announcement of the “USB FX Camera” coming out on the 28th. The description states that you can use the camera anywhere to make small objects look big, via the pan-focus lens. Suggestions include hand-moving action figures, or shooting diorama scenes.

1 – The Latest Otona no Kagaku Kit, the USB FX Camera
2 – “Manga Science Selection” Now Out
3 – Won’t You Try the Petite Handmade kits?
4 – Can “World’s Most Fun Speed Reading” Turn Anyone into a Speed Reader?

1 – The Latest Otona no Kagaku Kit, the USB FX Camera
You, too, can enter the world of miniature special effects movie making. The camera offers a deep depth of field, realistic effects, and pinpoint focus on ultra-close objects. Although the kit may not seem appropriate for the Kagaku line, special effects are significantly backed-up by scientific methods. The mook includes an interview with leading effects master Shinji Higuchi (Gamera, Evangelion), plus articles on the process of making movie effects with household items and dioramas.

2 – Manga Science Selection Now Out
This is a collection of some of the Manga Science stories aimed at the lower end market, for release through convenience stores as well as bookstores. 312 pages, B6-size paper, 500 yen. Chapters include “Protecting Against Heat Stroke”, “Which is Superior, the Human Brain or a Computer?”, “Digital Cameras vs the Eye”, “Fat is the Fuel Tank for Living Things”, “Is Blood a Liquid or a Particle”, “I Don’t Understand Infectious Diseases”, etc.
Due out Sept. 27.

Other books by Yoshitoo Asari include:
Manga Science #14
The Making of a Japanese Amateur Rocket

Manga Science Tweet Feed
Manga Science Facebook Page

3 – Won’t You Try the Petite Handmade kits?
Basically, this is just a repeat of the announcement from the last mail mag for Fluffy Felt Woodland Animal Brooches.
Index of All Handmade Kits.

4 – Can “World’s Most Fun Speed Reading” Turn Anyone into a Speed Reader?
This one is a little strange. It’s an announcement for a 51-minute DVD and 132-page book. 1,260 yen, scheduled for an Oct. 1st, 2013, release. But there’s no shopping link. No URL for ordering it, or for getting more information on the product. It is listed on Amazon.co.jp, anyway.


The new kit page is up on the Otona no Kagaku site. The kit is pretty simple. The instructions give a 15-minute assembly time for the camera housing and handle. Most of the instructions involve downloading and installing the software app to your computer. It’s 43 meg, compressed, so does take a while to transfer (190 meg uncompressed). You’ll probably need to grab LHAplus also, to extract the files.

Next up, kit #41, the Autowriter doll. Expected some time in January, 2014.

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