Gakken news – new video ad

Gakken has finally released some information on the new Otona no Kagaku kit, the miniature special effects camera. Actually, they’s just uploaded the video ad for the camera to their facebook page. Still, it looks like it could be interesting. $36 USD, with a release date of Sept. 28 (I won’t see it in Kyushu until maybe the 30th). Basically, the kit is just a web camera on a stick. The main differentiator is that the lens is designed for close up shots of miniature figures, so you can make your own Godzilla movie. Ideally, you’d want to either remove the stick handle, or figure out a way to attach it to a tripod like a boom camera.

Not a whole lot of other activity right now. Most of the recent posts on FB have been for the new book releases (DIY rocket, Manga Science #14). The designer’s blog just has an announcement for a children’s event in Yokohama on Sept. 28th. Nothing else to report. I’m expecting the next email newsletter to arrive before Monday.

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  1. Michael Boyd

     /  September 27, 2013

    Will it use some type of SD card?

  2. No, it’s just a USB camera that plugs into your computer like a regular webcam. I expect that there will be some software app that controls the recording of the video and adding of other effects. All video will probably be produced on your computer and you can save that to file or SDcard as you like.


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