Otona no Kagaku Newsletter #156

Just got the latest email newsletter. It starts out asking if the reader is enjoying their new pinhole planetarium, then adds that an order of the starfield sheets, and the custom grain of wheat lightbulbs have arrived at the company. Anyone that wants to order spare parts is encouraged to do so.

The editor then states that they’re busy producing the new miniature special effects USB camera kit, scheduled to come out on Sept. 28. With this camera connected to your PC, you can have fun taking photos where small objects look big. The magazine will include instructions for guiding beginners through the process of making their own effects, plus a lecture by SFX wizard Shinji Higuchi. Additional details about the kit will appear in the next newsletter.

The editor adds that the rest of the editorial staff is working on other projects outside of the Otona no Kagaku kit line, and that this newsletter will discuss these latest things.

Table of Contents

  1. Making Fluffy Forest Animal Brooches from Felt Kit
  2. Making a Space Rocket Book
  3. Understanding Particle Physics Through Manga Book
  4. Manga Science, Volume 14

1) Making Fluffy Forest Animal Brooches from Felt Kit

Nosoko, the artist that has been working with felt to produce various animals, has a few new designs for the latest installment in this kit series. Petit Handmade #5: Fluffy Forest Animal Brooches is now on sale. 1,680 yen ($16 USD). Materials, tools and accessories included for making 4 kinds of rabbit or deer head brooches. 35 page instruction book on A5 paper (5.5″ x 8″). Check the Petit Handmade Index for a complete list of all kits.

2) Making a Space Rocket Book

This is an account written by manga artist Yoshitoo Asari about the efforts of a local Japanese rocketry group to build and launch their own DIY rocket. The group was featured in the mook for the Pinhole Planetarium kit. 224 pages, now on sale. 1,365 yen. It’s got failures, it’s got laughs, it’s got explosions. Get it today!

3) The Manga Guide to Elementary Particle Physics

A5 sized, 208 pages, 1,155 yen, on sale Sept. 10th. Produced by Uruno Takuya. It’s priced right, so I may consider getting this book myself.

4) Manga Science, Volume 14

This book was mentioned in the Pinhole Planetarium mook. Yoshitoo Asari had been drawing the Manga Science chapters that had appeared in the Grade 5 Gakken science books, and most of them were collected into 13 volumes. Finally, the next batch of manga chapters is coming out in volume 14. A5 sized, 208 pages, 820 yen, on sale Aug. 28. Chapters include:

  • “What is Radiation?”
  • “The Fire of Atoms: Nuclear Fusion”
  • “What Can Space Do?”
  • “Visible and Non-Visible Stars, and The Sun”
  • “The Invisible Relationship Between the Earth and the Moon”
  • “What Shape Should a Rocket Have?”
  • “Is Air Resistance a Friend or Foe to Airplanes?”
  • “How Can Knives Cut?”
  • “The Sweet Taste of Mushrooms”
  • “What’s the Difference Between Sea and River Fish?”
  • “What Shape is the Galaxy?”

Some of these chapters have also appeared in previous Otona no Kagaku mooks. Specifically, “Air Resistance”, “What Shape is the Galaxy” and “Knives”.


There’s been a little activity on Facebook lately, too.

Back on Aug. 22nd, Gakken held a contest for high school kids to come up with science kit ideas. A couple photos of the Otona no Kagaku exhibit created for the event were shared on the FB page.

On Aug. 23, the Otona no Kagaku page announced that a lot of new info was posted on the Gakken FB page. Most of this new information is unrelated to the Otona no Kagaku product line.

Sept. 2nd, there was an announcement for Manga Science volume 14 going on sale.

At the same time, there was an announcement for “Understanding Elementary Particles” going on sale.

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  1. Michael Boyd

     /  September 6, 2013

    I heard that Otona no kagaku asking for suggestions for their next GAKKEN issues. I have a few ideas that’s space related. I had located the submission form online. However, the form is printed in Japaneses.

  2. What’s the link?

    • Michael Boyd

       /  September 6, 2013

      Found it! Disregard, it’s the high school(HS) contest that you mention in your blog. Its dated last month. though it was open to all. Sorry! Liked I said I had a few ideas.


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