Otona no Kagaku Newsletter, #155

The editors start out by saying that the Pinhole Planetarium, kit #9, came out in 2005, and broke the 50,000 unit sales mark. 8 years later, Gakken has decided to update it with the Real Star. It seems to be pretty popular with the editorial staff. The new kit comes out on July 25th in stores around Japan (2-3 days later for people in Kyushu).

1) The New Version of the Pinhole Planetarium, with a July 25th Release date.
There’s a drinking place in Tokyo’s Ginza district called the Planetarium Bar, where you can drink sake under the lights projected by a Mega Star Zero unit. So, the cover picture for the kit, and the feature article for the mook are going to be about Planetarium Bar. The newsletter then asks “why do a reissue like this?” The chief editor replies as follows:

a) Increased star detail in the Milky Way projection.
b) Use of a special small filament bulb that’s made in Japan.
c) You can choose to built the kit with the northern or southern sky maps.
d) Extra quiet drive motor for making the map rotate once every 15 minutes.
e) Kit has an auto power-off feature.

The rest of the section just talks about the various articles in the magazine, which you can see for yourself at the Otona no Kagaku site.

Youtube video

2) Interview with Editor-in-Chief Nishimura.
Nishimura talks about the development of the pinhole planetarium. The first part of the interview is in the newsletter. The rest is to be carried online.

3) 3331 Arts Chiyoda events
3331 Arts Chiyoda is kind of an arts collective located in an old junior high school a little north of Akihabara, in Tokyo. From July to September, they’re going to hold a series of workshops on making entomopters, plus they’ll have a talk by the rocketry club (Opensky 3.0).

4) Now taking preorders on Manga Science volume 14
In 1987, Gakken started publishing a serialized magazine called “Manga Science” aimed at 5th graders. Previously, the serialized articles were collected into 13 volumes. Gakken has decided to release volume 14 this August. It will be A5 sized, 208 pages, 820 yen, and released under the Nora Comics brand.

My comments:

I’d written before about how Gakken took down the links to their Facebook page and the designer’s blog from the main Otona no Kagaku site. Well, both the FB page and the blog still exist, they just seem to have gotten a little harder to find (and the blog hasn’t had activity since May).

Facebook page

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