Gakken Newsletter #154

The Otona no Kagaku newsletter finally arrived in e-mail. It starts out commenting that the cherry blossom viewing season has ended in Tokyo, and then goes on to say that the long-awaited “pata pata” flip clock really lives up to its name with the pattering sound it makes. But, it’s also supposed to be a practical kit that you can keep using after it’s built.

Part 1: This section consists mainly of advertising copy that attempts to evoke the nostalgia older kit builders will feel when they have the radio flip clock in their hands. There’s also a brief description of the mook, which will include a pictorial history of clocks, a look at modern electronic timepieces, and some other art-related stuff. Apparently, the clock is well suited for use with a flipbook animation, so there’ll be a short flipbook animation in the mook. The radio clock kit price will be 3,500 yen (about $38 USD), and has an Apr. 18 release date.

Part 2: The Petite Handmade series started in April last year, and Gakken is now happy to announce kit #4 – the Cocca Hexagonal Patchwork Bag. Released Apr. 1. 1,890 yen. Comes with a 34-page A5-size booklet. Cocca website here. Examples of Ore-designed bags here.

Part 3: Announcement of the new Japanese Makers book. 224 pages, 1,365 yen. Released Mar. 39.

Part 4: Announcement of a new book series: Gakken Manga: Secrets of Adults. The manga that used to to run in the older Gakken science manga series is being collected in book form. The first book is “Secrets of the Adult Body”. A5 size, 148 pages, 1,000 yen. Scheduled for a May 21 release.

(Secret note: The Otona no Kagaku site has been updated to include a new “What’s Next” page. The next kit will be a new version of the old kit #9 pinhole planetarium. Scheduled for a late-July release.

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